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CL Brakes Race Brake Pads

All CL Brakes race brake pads feature a sintered metallic brake pad material that provides consistent braking performance throughout the race. The CL Brakes compounds are designed to work immediately from cold, providing a very flat friction curve. This allows the driver to be confident on the brakes immediately with no warming up necessary.

The CL Brakes Race Brake Pads give a more accurate pedal feel with improved modulation and control of the braking right up to "lock up". This is because there is minimal compound compression when pressed hard against the brake discs.

CL Brakes RC5+

The CL Brakes RC5+ race brake pad range has the lowest friction in the range (μ=0.4) allowing high power braking without accidental locking of the brakes. This makes it ideal for trackday and race cars running road spec treaded tyres and low grip situations such as mud and gravel. The CL Brakes RC5+ is kind on discs, has low noise, low dust and pad wear.

CL Brakes RC6

The CL Brakes RC6 pad compound is the most popular compound due to its amazing levels of grip and feel. The RC6 brake pad is for short race circuit and rally use with either high grip treaded tyres or full slicks. The CL Brakes RC6 compound offers a high initial bite yet with great pedal feel making the brake pads suitable for both tarmac and gravel events.

CL Brakes RC6E (Endurance)

The CL Brakes RC6E Endurance range is the most durable compound within the CL Brakes range. It has an extremely low wear rate with similar braking performance to the RC6 pad compound. The CL brakes RC6E range is suitable for longer circuit distances and for vehicles fitted with small brake pads where pad wear is high such as in historic racing.

CL Brakes RC8 / RC8R

The RC8 pad range is CL Brakes highest grip compound that offers one of the highest friction co-efficient available anywhere. The CL Brakes RC8 pads are used on Tarmac stage WRC cars and World Touring Cars. The RC8R pads use a "finned" backing plate to take full advantage of ducted airflow through the brake system by allowing more air to the backing plate and increased surface area.

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