Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - CL Brakes Race Brake Pads

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  • CL Brakes can be mixed and matched to alter the brake bias of the car.
  • The pads do not compress, giving superior pedal feel under light braking.
  • Pad backing plates are undersized to allow for expansion under race conditions allowing better pad to disc contact
  • Very effective from cold, giving excellent initial bite yet does not deteriorate with braking temperatures until over 1000 °C
  • No bedding in required as no material is transferred to the brake disc

CL Brakes Pad Compounds

CL Brakes RC5+

CL Brakes RC5+ has a moderate friction level (friction coefficient of μ=0.4) making it a versatile race brake pad and trackday compound. The RC5+ should be used in low grip situations such as if the car is running road tyres, or event conditions are mud, gravel, snow and water. This compound gives low noise, low dust and disc wear and works well in low temperature conditions.

CL Brakes RC6

CL Brakes RC6 is a wide ranging motorsport compound and is used in all disciplines - from rallying to circuit. The RC6 compound has a friction coefficient of μ=0.5 and gives a stiffer pedal and better modulation when compared to organic braking compounds.

CL Brakes RC6E

CL Brakes RC6E otherwise known as RC6 Endurance pads; offer a similar braking coefficient to the RC6 (μ=0.46) but has an extremely low wear rate making it ideal for endurance racing or for teams wanting a low cost braking solution over a race season.

CL Brakes RC8

CL Brakes RC8 has the highest friction level in the CL Brakes range.(μ=0.6). The RC8 compound is used in top level motorsport such as WTCC, WRC and NASCAR. The -R version is a grooved pad to give extra cooling to the braking system.

CL Brakes race brake pad friction coefficients CL Brakes race brake pad relative wear rates

How To Look After Your CL Brakes

The CL Brakes are made from a sintered metallic compound. A raw blend of metal particles are compressed and then heated to melt together without the use of a resin. The CL Brakes are unsealed and due to their metallic nature are succeptable to the elements without the right care. We recommend a little more maintenance at the end of a wet trackday or race to reduce risk of rusting and causing a rare failure. For more information on how to care for your brake pads contact the KAM Racing team.

Additional Information

Manufacturer CL Brakes
Model Part Number Front Pads: 4066
Rear Pads: 4164
Car Marque Mitsubishi
Car Model Lancer Evo X (Evo 10)
Year of Manufacture 2008 onwards
Brake Compound RC5+, RC6, RC6 Endurance, RC8, RC8R
Front Brakepad Size 130.3 x 77 x 16mm
Rear Brakepad Size 86.7 x 63.5 x 14mm
TUV Certification Track use only

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