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CL Brakes Race Brake Pads

CL Brakes is the new name for Carbone Lorraine racing brake pads. There are 5 different pad compounds to choose from. CL Brakes differs from many other ceramic and sintered metal brake manufacturers as all CL Brakes / Carbone Lorraine brake pad compounds have a very linear friction coefficient at all temperatures. This simplifies choosing your correct padshape as you dont need to worry about what temperature your brakes operate at. With the CL Brakes race brake pad range you can concentrate on getting the right brake balance, braking modulation and pad / disc wear. You can even use different compounds front and rear to fine tune the braking. We have been selling the Carbone Lorraine / CL Brakes range for years and can offer advice on which compound is best for your race car. Just call or email!

CL Brakes RC5+ Brake Pad Compound

The CL Brakes RC5+ replaced the old Carbone Lorraine RC5 compound a few years ago. The RC5+ is quieter and produces less dust than the old RC5. We recommend the CL Brakes RC5+ for cars running road tyres or for cars driving on looser road surfaces such as when road rallying, gravel rally events or trackday drivers wishing to drive their car to the circuit. The CL Brakes RC5+ has a moderate friction level (friction coefficient of μ=0.4) making it extremely versatile . Its a very easy pad compound to modulate when slowing your car, allowing high power braking without accidentally locking the brakes. The CL Brakes RC5+ can be used in low grip situations such as mud, gravel, snow etc or when you have too much bias on an axle, for example to stop the rear brake discs locking under heavy braking. This brake compound is not aggressive on disc wear when cold, allowing it to be used on high performance road cars, and is only bettered by the CL Brakes RC6E for overall brake disc wear.

CL Brakes RC6 Brake Pad Compound

The CL Brakes RC6 is the most popular motorsport compound and is used in all disciplines - from dedicated trackday cars, rally cars as well as circuit race cars. The CL Brakes RC6 is the ultimate all rounder with moderate pad and disc wear. The RC6 is not suited for trackday cars driven on the road as its high iron content means you will get high disc wear at low temperatures but on circuit wear is reduced as the pads get up to correct operating temperatures. The CL Brakes RC6 pad compound works well with motorsport tyres to give far superior braking than rival brands. The RC6 brake pad compound has a very flat friction curve, giving excellent initial bite under braking as well as maintaining braking balance during the race. The friction coefficient of μ=0.5 gives a inspiring firm pedal and better modulation compared to organic brake pad compounds. Due to the high friction pad material of the Carbone Lorraine RC6 range we recommend that both the front and rear brakes are upgraded to CL brakes. This will help keep the cars original brake balance and will improve stopping distances greater than just fronts alone as well as reduce the risk of locking the front brakes under heavy braking.

CL Brakes RC6E (Endurance) Brake Pad Compound

CL Brakes RC6E pads have a similar braking coefficient to the CL Brakes RC6 (μ=0.46 vs μ=0.5) but has an extremely low pad and disc wear rate. The CL Brakes RC6E is ideal for endurance racing and we've had customers using these on high end road performance cars due to their long life and consistent braking performance. Although the CL Brakes RC6 endurance pad compound is more expensive to initially buy, it usually works out cost effective for race teams on a tight budget where the brake pads will be required to last not just a few events but a whole race season!

CL Brakes RC8 / RC8R Brake Pad Compound

CL Brakes produce two versions of the RC8 pad compound. The RC8 has a smooth backing plate, the RC8-R a special grooved backing plate. The CL Brakes RC8 brake pad compound has the highest friction level in the CL Brakes range.(μ=0.6). The CL Brakes RC8 pad compound is used in top level motorsport such as WTCC, WRC and NASCAR and is suited to heavier racing cars or short sprint racing where a no compromise high performing brake pad is required and discs are regularly inspected / replaced. The -R version has a grooved packing plate to increase the surface area of the brake pad , giving extra cooling to the braking system. This brake pad compound is best for high powered vehicles that put high demands on their brakes, giving shorter braking distances, no brake fade and again a flat torque curve from cold to extreme temperatures.

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